Friday, September 3, 2010

root names

The name Dedan (identical to Deden) comes possibly from (dwd 410) the root for beloved (aunt, uncle, even the name David).

A clay tablet from Elba from 7,000 years ago had the name daud-um, which meant, land of daud/david.

There's a town near Mecca & Medina along the Red Sea coast named Dedan, mentioned in bible books. Deden & Dedan would be the same, since the vowels were not elucidated until more recently.

Reversed words:
May/Mar (Arabic, Sea)~ Yam (Hebrew, Sea)
Madrasa (Arabic, College) ~ Asrama (Malay, College) ~ Ashram (Hindu, Guru center)
Rome ~ Meroe
Remus ~ Sumer
Samar, Samaria ~ Rama

Derived from Oromo, (Ethiopian tribe who have an ancient legend of Adam)?
Adam (man in Hebrew)...Abram...Abraham...Brahmasutra...Ahuramazda...Urheimat
Oraham (Chaldean)...T/ora/h...K/ora/n...Oracle...Oralstories...Origins...Ur

Satan (adversary in Hebrew)

Analects of Confucius, Book One, 1st Saying: "That friends should come to one from afar, is that not after all delightful?"