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Phu Quoc = Pulku(ph) = Pull Cup = Pickup Truck

  1. First domestic dogs, Ridgebacks,  were naturally inbred naive native island wolves of Phu Quoc Island.
  2. Phuquoc = pulku (dogsled/boat of EurAsia used in transport long before horse/ox)
    phuquoc/pulku/kupha/parical = pulled cup, bowlboat, coracle, komatim, tobogan

Oldest known temple on Earth is attributed to dog. Dog Star, Sirius, was seen at Gobekli Tepe. Note vocal similarity to Syria/Assyria/Ashur/Suriya(Sun in Hindi)/Hurrians. The circular walls may have symbolized cup/bowl/barge/bark boats, the small T pillars may have supported dome caps (copa, kippah(Hebrew skull cap). See my older post on Stonehenge, Gobleke tepe and the Antikthera mechanism regarding a possible chronological/cyclo(ck)/calender function. My research indicates that West Asian, Middle Eastern, and African regions had a brotherhood/priesthood caste of waterway controllers (canals, ferryboats, bridges) that collected tolls/tithes/taxes/tariffs (Pharaoh Queen Hatsheput referred to them as parasitical middlemen and bypassed them by sending expeditions directly through the Red Sea to Punt). The Euphrates River (earlier Qupharites) seems to have been named in relation to this (Pharisee, Horite, Harwa) caste, as can be seen by the following words:  (Q)upha, Pharisee, Farsi, Parsee, freight, rate, piracy, conspiracy, que, Horus,  ari,  etc.). Note that ridgeback dogs (Ari) were bred to become boat-sled pulling dogs (TSM Tx(u)em/Tesem, SLK Tslu(e)ki/Saluki) long before long paddles and keeled sailboats evolved (pariah, patriarch, ferry, tariff derived from "ari").

  (Note: Alice Linsley at Biblical Anthropology has in-depth studies of Horites caste).

Sirius worship
    World's oldest temple built to worship the dog star
    Pillars at Göbekli Tepe in southern Turkey seem to align with the rising of Sirius, hinting that the bright star may have triggered a frenzy of religious construction
    Sirius worship
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    The original star sign? <i>(Image: Vincent J. Musi/ National Geographic Stock)</i>Sirius worship

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