Sunday, March 11, 2007

Songs at the Shores: Lyric snippets

Wings, Prayers & Teddy Bears (country-folk lullaby)
"They carry us around, before putting us down,
make us reach out for the stars, yet keep our feet on the ground..."

Y.O.Y.I.C. (love song)
"Like a love bird in the sky,
you are the apple of my eye..."

Songs of Silence and Eloquence (Celtic ballad)
"'Tis been said, that silence is golden,
and tongues of eloquence are often silvery..."

Knock That Off (rebel rhythm & blues)
"I never said I'd be your superman savior,
so knock that off with that 'good behavior'"...

Wave-Spirit (lyrical inspiration)
"The tears are there to clear your sight,
and heartbeats rise to conquer your fright..."

Synthetic Symphonic Synergy (electronic instrumental)

Kuala Walu Wiki (Nor Cal mystic music)

[All songs copyright 2007, David Deden]

My goal is to record the songs above and sell them as an album, an artistic project entitled "Songs at the Shores". I'm working with my associates at The Ink People to bring this to fruition, to be sold as a CD and downloadable on the internet. Part of the proceeds will help sustain The Ink People, a non-profit center for the arts, and part will be donated to families (espec. widows and orphans) of those lost at sea, as well as for swim-safety-cycle-diving instruction.

Edit: The song Knock That Off was inspired by letter's to the editor, one of which said this "I can't believe that (a prisoner) being a volunteer in San Quentin Prison is enough to decide that (the prisoner) is ready to be paroled for murder. This business of getting out because of good behavior is wrong." Well, different views give different muse, but I can relate to that.

All The Best & Peace Blessed,
David Deden
THE-ARC Director, Naturalist, Author and Songwriter

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