Sunday, July 15, 2007

Human vestiges, vertebrae inherited from ancestors

(Bahasa Indonesia links to English article on vestiges in humans eg. sinuses, wisdom teeth, hair...)

Humans have backs with spinal transverse processes different than monkeys. The twist from front-back to side - side occurred 21ma in Morotopithecus in Uganda, and remains in humans, great apes but not other primates. (likely: cold-water gasp /hyperventilated call inflated laryngeal air sac providing semi-vertical flotation/wading H-oid estuarboreal phase)

pdf file on spine changes from monkeys and lesser apes to great apes and humans, by Dr. Filler:

Critique by Marc V.:
This "evidence" is by no means evidence:
1) Pickford etc. think Morotop is only 15-17 Ma.
2) The vertebrae might be Proconsul maior, not Morotop.
3) Filler did not consider arm-hanging, nor swimming-diving, nor wading.

Atelids seem to look more like apes than like other monkeys
in the position of the proc.transv., so it's possible that
arm-hanging, not bipedality, is important here.

The reorientation of the iliac blades (more dorsal superior
iliac spine in Filler's paper) seems to be what discerns
Homo (or at least Hs) from apiths-apes.


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