Sunday, April 6, 2008

Maritime Security: Ocean protection

How do we protect our oceans and waterways from the blind overexploitation and pollution of our species on our planet's bodies of water? Will our future descendants have abundant clean water?

"As ships get bigger, the pollution is getting worse. The most staggering statistic of all is that just 16 of the world’s largest ships can produce as much lung-clogging sulphur pollution as all the world’s cars.
In the meantime, according to Corbett’s figures, nearly one million more people will die.
Smoke and sulphur are not the only threats from ships’ funnels. Every year they are also belching out almost one billion tons of carbon dioxide. Ships are as big a contributor to global warming as aircraft – but have had much less attention from environmentalists.

16 ships produce as much air pollution as all the worlds cars

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