Thursday, September 4, 2008

Aquatic Power Events

On Sept 7th, Elaine will be debating her Aquatic Ape Hypothesis with Anthropologist Peter Wheeler in Liverpool.

ELAINE MORGAN Qualifications: M.A.(Oxon), two University fellowships, one honorary doctorate. Author of books on human evolution including The Descent of Woman (1972), The Aquatic Ape (1982), The Scars of Evolution (1990), The Descent of the Child (1994), and The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis (1997).

Elaine's Descent of Woman is a feminist take on Darwin's Descent of Man, based on Sir Alister Hardy's Seashore Human Ancestor Hypothesis.


On Sept. 8, Greg will be attempting to break the world's speed record for 24 hr, pedal boating his Critical Power II tri-hull.

Adventures of Greg: 24 hr Human Powered Vehicle pedal boat attempt

On September 9th, 2008 Greg Kolodziejzyk set an unofficial (pending IHPVA and Guinness ratification) world record by pedaling his human powered boat 245.16 km (151.3 miles) in 24 hours on Whitefish Lake, Montana.


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