Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Symmetry, Scale, Force, Structure, System

Finally, the basic fundamental forces in the universe appear to be related on a very deep level. They're really the same thing, but operating at different scales and different energy levels. At very high energy levels, electromagnetic forces, and the two atomic forces are all really the same thing. There's a deep symmetry between them. But as the energy level of the environment goes down, eventually they split, and become distinguishable. The symmetry breaks, and we get different forces.

Symmetry, forces, scale

Simplest 3D symmetrical planar prime structure systems in universe: Tetrahedron, then octahedron & icosahedron. tetrahedra

Simplest 2D symmetrical planar structure in universe: Triangle triangles

Simplest 3D symmetrical nonplanar structure in universe: Sphere
Simplest 2D symmetrical nonplanar structure in universe: Circle

Simplest 3D nucleated vector equilibrium system: Cuboctahedron

Simplest 3D grid octet truss space frame: Isotropic Vector Matrix

Freeze Frame: Tetrahedral simplest rigid structure.
Pea & toothpick tet

Fluid Frame: Spherical simplest structure.
waterball in space

duo-tet: doubled center ~ high gravity nucleus

Jitterbug transformation from VE thru Icosa to Octa:

Click here to see jitterbug transform
(Images from Synergeo and Synergetics on the web)

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