Thursday, September 20, 2012

cognates & divergences

co-mo-ni (N) co-motion, (Sp) como/comida, (E) communal, (M) bersama/macam/how done)
do-me-s-ti-cate (enclosed huts/coop)
na-ma-s-te/car-_ (Hindu greeting)
no-ma-_-di-c (transhumant herders)
thal-mu-_-di-c (Hebrew myths)
shlo-me-le-chaim (Hebrew greeting)
sa-wa-_-di-ca/crup (Thai greeting F/M)
hu-wa-_-ka-n-ta-nka (Q+Lak)
sa-wa-s-ti-ca (f/ari(a)n/gi symbol)
_ - va-ti-ca-n (rome)
le-vi-ti-cu-s (meticulous law/lev/leg/reg)
aur-ve-di-c (ayurvedic ancient medica)
da-o-ui-di (wood/whittle/uitli?) dawei/dao/tao/tsavo

huaca (Qech) spiritual temple/shrine
wakkan tanka (Lak) great spirit/mystery ways/life
tanakh (Heb) torah + tales
vatican/leviticus/vedic/ueli  societal authority-tort/law-norms

my comment at Carlos's blog:

hand as antler/dental/talon/tine->(t)entwine(d), tent(l)acle/(s)nag/k(l)e, tentlep|hant (trunk)?
tangle/knuckle/angle/naik(M climb)/knot/mongolu

Neander-tal used raptor/corvid bones/feathers
Last night, I dreamed that the great wall of China was a late stone reconstruction of earlier Altai neanderthal mammoth riders ("mobile watchtowers cf India elephants") that used wool-felt colored banners to signal group movements for mass/maz hunts across the steppes.

banner/blanket/felt=folded pelt(dyed/tint/paint skin outwards, fur inwards -> rider sat on meshed/mashed/crushed/wetted fur/wool to make felt/fuld
quilt = quill/spind(r)ill/na(i/eed)l + hand tac/touch/tex/tile
filter= wool/weft/wove(n)lt/felt (not skin/hide) used to warm packed snow & filter water under rider which collected along bottom seams into skin bags w(ha)indbag[gua/gourd/gin/gyne/vahine/wanita/womb/umb]=windsock/sac=wineskins/canteen/kantong/pouch/pocket/bucket/bouquet(herb tea/potpouri?)/kettle?
cowl/hood-shovel=snuo-felt-snowmelt: mammoth kneeled down, blanket open, snow was shoveled/packed on top, rider closed blanket, mammoth rose, rider climbed on, settled/squished/soft/loft/elevate/elephant
"flying carpet" origin. flight+sit+fluid+folded+hind
some more comments:
souk/souq (Arab) merchant huts/booths
sukha/sukhot (Hebrew) harvest shack (English)

(originally round huts, became rectilinear due to population concentration in favorable markets)
  • ...yeah, DD, sockets before electricity or sprockets
    and rockets and socks and wind socks.
  • soc-ket, bast-ket (bast = inner string bark of lime/basswood/tilia tree)

    sockets - sox/gaiters (pelt or felt) worn beneath woven fiber sandals/snowshoes long before moccasins invented in NAm per 1 Amerind story.
    Incurved (confined) fossil toes in EurAsia indicate 45ka footware.
  • sockets for (Neand) axe-head and (Afric) arrow-head?

    ostrog(Yakutsk/Russile)=fort,=ost/ozt(r)oc/g=oztoc/oztotl(N)=cave,= Oztoc(N)=name of a spring near Hill of the Star/Citlaltepetl(N/Mex).

    "Archaeologists have discovered stone axes & sharp flint arrow-heads of both Homo spp in lime-stone caves of N-Israel. The latest findings have led researchers working on the site of Nahal
    Me'arot (Stream Cave) to believe that the 2 sub-spp may have co-existed peacefully in the coastal mountain range"

    sock't/sack/suck'tion vs blow/bellow
  • Regarding moon/calender/counting:
    I dimly recall this numerical series as possibly PIE: = t(h)rive five seve eleve tweleve
    later "new" 9 & 10 were inserted to make
    ...seve eight nine ten eleve twelve (7-12)
    in a similar manner to the Julian cal. to Greg. cal. inserted months resulting in misnamed months

    tom thumb ~ elf (alif(Arab A=alpha)?) was the early letter A representing not ox but elephant, then later changed to ox? (tusks to horns, just as early steppe tipis were first mammoth bull furskins, then later bison bull defurred skins)

    baby eel = elver

    elevate/lift up vs excavate/cave excrete
    convex/vetti-e vs concave


    carlos lascoutx said...

    ...tzocatl(N)=socket: the mammoth
    hunters used a 3 part spear, pale
    green(for Ocelotl)point, a stone
    collar between point and haft which
    held point to shaft but detached after
    it hit, leaving the point in flesh
    and the collar socket free to be joined
    to the same haft and a new point, i.e.,
    the repeater spear throwing device.
    various colors, e.g., cenca cuicuiltic(N)=extremely varied,
    cuicuiltic tecpatl(N)=jasper.
    =fill, cover oneself with leaves,=
    quilitl(N)=quilitl(N)=green, eatable
    ...quil-atlapalli(N)=leaf of cabbage.

    carlos lascoutx said...

    famille(Fr)=family. and, pantera(sp).
    the Torch, first of Hebrew Kings, or,
    Tlauiz(N)=tl/t/Daw(n)=Dawn of.
    ...Talmud=T/Tlalmotla(N)=Earth stones/
    come on(E/phrase, said to a reluctant
    ...huacal=uacalli(N)=cave in form of
    a box/cuadrangle.