Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ancient calendars?

Is there more than just a chance resemblance shared by Göbekli Tepe, the Anykthera mechanism, and stonehenge, regarding earth solunar cycles? Check it out for yourself:

Göbekli Tepe, Anatolia

Gobekli Tepe

Antikythera Mechanism, Greek island

Antikythera mechanism


Stonehenge from birds eye view: (rotated)


Stonehenge (rotated) overlapped on the Antikthera mechanism:

Tepe showing supposed calender:

Aside from some similar angles I don't see too much overlap, but interesting to compare 10,000 & 5,000 year old large earthworks to a small astronomic 'computer' from the Archimedes Greek period of 2,100 years ago.

BTW, words from very different languages overlap via common descent:
top/tip/up/alp - above
tipi/teepee - Dakota cone tent
topi - Malay, Hindu - dome skullcap
tepe - Turkish (hill)
tepec - Aztec (hill)
tila - Assamese (hillock)
o'por - Assamese (upper/over/above/upon)


tip top vs pit pot (sound & position inversion) bottom, boat, bottle, butt, tub
tip chip vs top chop (small vs large)


The Ends of the Earth

Field notes by Barry Evans, describing the difference between direction and position

(Earth has no end, only cycles)

xkcd pieces

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