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Hxaro zero hello

Following is my response to a blogpost by Andrew at his blog Dispatches from Turtle Island:
Also  some notes from Nirjar's blog by Kyriakos S. and discussion with Rybo at Synergeo forum:;_ylc=X3oDMTJyMTU2Y3ZkBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE1BGdycElkAzE2NjA1NDYEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNzA1MDA3NzA5BG1zZ0lkAzcyNjI4BHNlYwNkbXNnBHNsawN2bXNnBHN0aW1lAzE0OTcxNDU2NjU-

Shield(round/oval) = (shallow shell)
!hxaro = cheltia(Aztec) = magal(Basque) = spara(Persian) = pacal(Maya) = machan(Malay) = magen(Hebrew) cf ma'gal(Hebrew: round camp) = targa(Celtic) = geolwe(OE)

Igloo egg-oval mbo.ngolu: mother.bowl-shield

Geolwe (PIE-Old English) shield in Beowulf via (mbo)ngualua/mongolu(Mbuti) ~ Geo/Gaia

Latin cilium 'eylid' (wikipedia points to a root 'kel 'to cover').  

Aka/aga: s.aga(Norse)~s.age(English),
= r.aga(Hindi, Japanese) = g.aga(Balinese) = ga.l(Sanskrit: spe.ak, sayings) = qa.l(Tigrinha Ethiopian: l.ingua.l) = ch.aka.p(Malay: skilled sp.eech) = = .hua(Chinese: sp.eech) = b.icha.ra(Indonesian)

!hxaro halo bottle/bota (Spanish: wineskin canteen)/bwato(Bantu: boat)/sago/taro/zero

Shekel(Hebrew: coin) socket [azocatl(Aztec)] holed & laced disk bead of ostrich eggshell (22ka? So Africa) (later jade, ceramic, metal, glazed) became holed Chinese coins (stacked on sticks as abacus), were used as ferry-fare - fee.ride-freight-pirate-pilot shuttle-xiotl(Aztec) tokens-tickets-boleta(Spanish) on qufarigolu/coracles (later rafts & dugout canoes=canals-kanak.a(sago scrapers/taro rakers/canoe makers/cane breakers/canine leaders-leashers/coin ledgers?) thus begetting the Anthropocene era of orthogonal (grid/grate) rectilinearization via 90degree woven/warpa/urba.n streets/strips/straps/tlapa(Aztec).which followed the earlier cuerva/sarpa/se.rp.entine(snake-naga(India))/ripa.rian-rive.rine = (ibr)antzler.tine = co.mb.ine (communal/molimo(Mbuti:mother-limb-all) = camp.a(l)ign/compound/kampongMalay-Cham: hamlet) ~ kantong(Malay: containment) = canata(Iroquois: hamlet) = canastros(Greek)= cannister- reed(street) basket.

Taro has arrow-shaped leaves. Sparrow in flight is aero.

Were the eggshell/!hxaro/shekel beads drilled with (ph)araohead (crown-glow-ngolu)/pyra/fire/tletl(Aztec) firedrill, as in China? Yes.  When? Before or after Papua sago adze-canoe-flour? Andaman, Mbuti & Tasmanian pygmies carried embers, not drills or Borneo fire pistons. Andaman bows were S shaped, used to paddle dugouts, carried sacred ember in clay pot, Mbuti used nets & spears, not arrows, carried ember in fireproof leaf pouch.

Pharaoh ("house") was actually Xya/Shah + mphuaruaha/ mbuangdualua =(ca)mpfire.r/emperor, with m as vowel and r replaced l, but also ferry-O(Nile) thus !hxar-o = halo/ (hail a taxi cab or haggle with a ferry captain over the d.river fare

Or so.

DD'eDeN ~ David ~ Da'ud ~ Diode ~ ∆^¥°∆

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