Thursday, April 12, 2007

Deep Science: Dive Song (contd.)

Hypothesis testing: Flooded nasal cavity-ARC correlation

[Caution: Do not attempt without ENT physiology background]

While standing vertical or while prone, not much success due to non-voluntary leakage, perhaps due to lack of practice. While supine, with head lowermost, allowed H2O saline (table salt mixed in tap water) into nasal cavity to fill. No discomfort, but not much effect either. Unknown if sinuses were filled, assume they were, unknown if middle ear s were filled, attempted to fill middle ears via holding nostrils and pressurizing with tongue, some swishing but not certain if successful, now hearing is slightly tinnitus-like in right ear but hearing seems aerobic. Now waiting to see if any additional drainage occurs, none noticed. Difficult to determine for sure whether cavities are air or water filled. Valving is not well understood or implemented at this time. Post effects not noticeable, same as previous to test, except moisture laden. Difficult to determine during test the various dive positions effects, vertical vs horizontal, due to gravity and non-buoyant conditions. During descent, no significant difficulties expected, during horizontal at depth, no difficulties expected, during ascent possibly problematic due to possible leakage. Now left nare partly clogged, right nare open.

From surface, hypothetically submerge face and allow water into nostrils while head is lowest, until nasal cavity seems filled but not overfilled.

During test, alphabet (except M, N) pronounced, clicks and various sounds made, no humming possible.

Yet to be found: middle ear condition while submerged, regarding hearing and equalization.

Left ear Eustachian tubes easily manipulated, aerated via pinching nose and pressurising (followed by automatic burp & reduction of pressure with brief slight pain), but right ear ET not voluntarily adjustable at this time possible, right ET is water filled but unlikely. Why right ET only slightly adjustable, yet left nare is partly clogged? Right ET is currently and recent-historically about 1/3 as inflatable when pinching nares and pressurising, possibly due to earwax accumulation near eardrum of right ear(?), or some other cause (possibly scars from childhood earache history, although never noticed previous to 5 years ago, also possibly related to wisdom teeth removal but this is doubted). No previous history of adult ear problems.

Still uncertain: middle ears and sinuses water filled or not. Now both ET are adjustable, although right ET less so.

Require better determination of flooded middle ears and sinuses.

After test, sniffed black pepper, no sneeze even after trying a few times vigorously, went outside to bright sun and sneezed once due to combined sunlight and pepper.

Just noticed: present burping caused slight pain in left middle ear due to pressure differential.
By adjusting jaw a bit, left ET pressure is alleviated.

1/2 hour later slight nasal leakage, probably from water in sinus traps.

3 hours later: very very slight ear warming and pressure, stuffy feeling in ears, nose normal but slightly more sensitive to smell and tactile.

4+ hours later: normal condition

Assumption: Water was too fresh, not salty enough, caused stuffy feeling.

Testing continues.

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