Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rest In Peace

Loic Leferme, explorer, free-diver
Kurt Vonnegut Jr., author, wrote on marine iguana
Knut Schmidt-Nielson, comparative physiologist
Daryl Habel, paleoanthropologist

All influenced me
All recently passed away
My condolences to the families and friends

David Deden
"Dive well and come up for more"



fATin Ali said...

thank you for dropping by~

je ne parle francais, but I do learn french in uni. hehe.. =)

fATin Ali said...

owh, i'm doing education (english) here, not tourism.. hehe.. going to be a teacher..

DDeden said...

Hi Fatin,

Speaking some French is good, ce bon..

I spent one summer in Tokyo teaching English to both middle school and adult students, part-time job. Quite nice experience, though kind of expensive to live there.

Your eye, (per your blog) is it ok? I mean was that an analogy, or for real? Maybe allergy or injury?
In the song I wrote, Wave Spirit, it says "The tears are there to give you sight", well maybe if you wear contact lens there is an irritation at the inner eyelid?