Thursday, February 18, 2010

water water everywhere

A few hotels in Eureka have small guest swimming pools. A local fitness club has a lap pool.

Eureka High School swimming pool closed

Superintendent Haulk reported the Eureka High School pool has been closed. It was the desire of Eureka City Schools to work cooperatively with the non-profit group raising money to keep the pool open. Due to the Federal Swimming Pool and Spa Drain Cover Standard established by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, beginning December 19, 2008, all public pools, like the EHS pool, are required to meet the new drain cover standard. The Director of the North Coast School's Insurance Group has stated that knowing failure to comply with laws such as the Act could void liability coverage for the district. Legal counsel has advised that "it would be prudent to close the pool and permit no one to use it on or after December 19, 2009..." To bring the pool up to compliance would cost an estimated $100,000-$200,000. If this amount of work were to be invested in the pool, it would kick in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for the building that would require mandated upgrades that would be cost prohibitive. In addition to the non-compliant drain, the heater for the pool broke down and is difficult to repair. (EHS news)

The Eureka warm water Easter Seals therapy pool is closing.
State budget cuts, the loss of a major business sponsor and exorbitant fixes needed at its pool facility have all combined to leave the Humboldt County chapter of Easter Seals no options other than to shut its doors, officials say. Effective April 30, Easter Seals will cease operations after six decades on the North Coast.

College of the Redwoods swimming pool is closed.

The Arcata community pool and Arcata's Humboldt State University new Natatorium pool (20 minute drive, 2 hr walk from Eureka) are open but heavily used by students, swim clubs, scuba & kayak/sculling groups. For a combined urban population of 45,000 residents, not much swimming available except ocean rough coldwater surfing and summer river swimming holes.

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