Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hair mats & booms & Oil spill

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone, caused by Mississippi River effluents of Nitrates, Phosphates, Sulfates, from rural agricultural run-off and urban sewers producing eutrophication, overgrowth of algae blooms and reduced oxygen.
dead zone of Gulf

Below: massive crude oil spill in Gulf from offshore rig explosion, ongoing


Must see this video

Hair & fur sponge up oil in water, a lb. of hair retains a quart of oil from water.

video: how to make a hair boom

The ottimat and hair boom use the principle of high surface area of hair/fur adsorbs oil but not water. Synthetic product mats absorb the oil and can't be reused, while hair mats can be wrung out into oil barrels and reused 100 times.

volunteers needed at Florida Keys to protect mangroves

"Locks for Keys" donate locks of hair and pet fur to save the coastal regions of the Florida Keys and other island reefs from the second worst oil spill ever, the Deepwater Gulf spill, which is expected to be pulled into the Gulf loop current towards the Keys and Florida coastal mangroves.


If you want to construct a building you must file an Environmental Impact Statement, but British Petroleum did not file an EIS for their huge deepwater oil project, and they bypassed numerous safety measures.

Perhaps its time for another tea party? What say you, oil addicts? Care for a spot of petrol?

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