Monday, May 10, 2010

We be neandertals

Gene expression

1 - 4% of genome of anyone derived from outside sub-saharan Africa is shared with neandertal genome.

Atlatl spear-throwers include a launcher, a long narrow dart with flint tip, and a stone weight: atlatl
Compare to harpoons, polespears, Hawaiian slings, throwing spears, lances, bow & arrows
paleo art atlatls

Grey whale in Mediterranean Sea

""Over a lifetime, a gray whale migrates the equivalent distance of a return trip to the moon."

Salt springs in the Sahara: Niger has clays rich in salt from ancient seabeds, the salt springs of Teguidda-n-Tessoumt are surrounded by small round pools of brine, where salt crystals form on top slowing evaporation so children sprinkle water to break the crust which then settles at the bottom as crystals, later collected as loaves. Then the salt ponds are cleaned of remaining clay mud and reused, the mud dumped onto manmade hillocks. Much of the salt is traded via desert-edge nomads for use by domestic herds. Trees are very rare in the Sahara, but two trees grow nearby. (from article in Awake! Jan 09)

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