Saturday, April 7, 2012


200BC, Eratosthenes of the Library of Alexandria, Egypt produced his world map.
Note that the name of the southern coast of Arabia is named Chatramitae.
It was pronounced approximately "(cH) ad e rama uht e" (with a weak Ch/ strong H sound), and numerous names are derived from it: Chad, Chalde, chant, merchant, Iram, adramite, haudrumaut, shahra (people of Dhofar, Oman who raise the only cattle in Arabia and gather frankinsence) etc.
Did the Jews build these mudbrick towers?

Link between Roman Hydromet & Hydramaut:

Link between Hadramaut & Indonesia trade (mahabalipuram):

Mega-lake Chad enlarged and shrank through geologic time.

Chad->Darfur/Kordofian->Chatramites/people of Ad at Iram/Dhofar/Zuhar/Ubar->Towhar/Taurus mtns./Akkad/arcadians/Ugarit(ubgharit)/Chaldia/Chaldees, Ur (Basque=water, Hindi = homestead)

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