Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Swirling Worlds & Starry Starry Nights

Happy birthday to all!

just a coincidence, today I see this remarkable video:

It should be 'played' with "Vincent" in the background

Subject: Swirling World of Water

I just finished constructed a geometric dodeca-icosahedral model of earths' (idealized) continents and ocean flows yesterday, and now I see this fascinating video today:

2nd update: Science news Apr. 7 article: ocean currents in 2008 around antarctica changed slightly causing slight speeding of earth's spin, as if it were geared. (see "How Bizarre" section and click to enlarge)

Note huge size of emerged Sunda during ice age (light blue tone):

Early Tectonics:

What a rock we live on!

update: Compare these rep-tiles (self-replicating tilings in 2 or more dimensions)

Consider their potential use in the Fuller Jitterbug transformation:

Jain explanation:
Long video explanation:

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DDeden said...

The 'tornado' whirlpools that roll off the continents into the ocean currents resemble this Apollonian image.