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Link between tuscarora/skararure, etruscan, euskara/basque, tukhara/tocharian/tushara/yuezhi/gushi/kushan?

Tuscarora ("hemp gatherers"[1]) are a Native American people of the Iroquoian-language family
Ska:rù:rę' Skarureh refers to the long shirt worn as part of the men's regalia, hence "long shirt people".
Greenwood:  Amerind branch he calls Keresiouan. Examples of these citations include:

ku…reh ‘acorn’, in relation to *kul, 'tree'
nyatar ‘sea’, in relation to *na, 'water'

Compare *kul, 'tree' to these:

Greek húlē 'forest, wood; firewood, timber; possibly via Etruscan, from Euroasiatic root  *[z]ilwV 'wood' (Starostin), reflected in Altaic *sjulu (˜ *z-, -l´-) 'conifer, pine tree', [and to silva (forest).]

1 For example, a proposed link to IE *k´sul-o- 'log' > Greek ksúlos 'wood'.

(parts paraphrased by me DDeden)

Tusharas (alias Tukharas, Tócharoi) were a Mleccha tribe, with their kingdom located in the north west of India as per the epic Mahabharata. An account in Mahabharata (Mbh 1:85) depicts Mlechchas as the descendants of Anu

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