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20,000 year old pot = Wok

20,000 year old pottery found in China.



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From the above blog, here's some info on the Science article from which
the EU Times story was taken:


Science 29 June 2012:

Vol. 336 no. 6089 pp. 1696-1700

DOI: 10.1126/science.1218643

Early Pottery at 20,000 Years Ago in Xianrendong Cave, China

Xiaohong Wu et al.


The invention of pottery introduced fundamental shifts in human
subsistence practices and sociosymbolic behaviors. Here, we describe the
dating of the early pottery from Xianrendong Cave, Jiangxi Province,
China, and the micromorphology of the stratigraphic contexts of the
pottery sherds and radiocarbon samples. The radiocarbon ages of the
archaeological contexts of the earliest sherds are 20,000 to 19,000
calendar years before the present, 2000 to 3000 years older than other
pottery found in East Asia and elsewhere. The occupations in the cave
demonstrate that pottery was produced by mobile foragers who hunted and
gathered during the Late Glacial Maximum. These vessels may have served
as cooking devices. The early date shows that pottery was first made and
used 10 millennia or more before the emergence of agriculture.

Here's a link to a short NY Times article on the find:




 Oldest Wok. See the pix. Shallow thin-wall pre-metal clay bowl, both for fast frying (oily fish?) and slow-simmering soups (soybeans/millet/wild rice?).

"The ceramics probably consisted of simple concave vessels that were likely used for cooking food" NYT

Consider this:
a) oldest pottery found, So. China 20ka, (bowl form), Glacial maximum period
b) 20ka China coasts are today submerged post-ice age
c) Wok is ancient Chinese cooking bowl, fry, boil & steam chopped foods
d) requires sharp flake/blade; wood/horn spoon/ladle; bamboo/ivory chopsticks
e) oldest writing: Chinese CHARacters on turtle shell (bowl form)
f) Before black ink was made from scraped char, bone pen scrawled on charred bowl
g) cher (Rus black) char (Eng burnt), carve/scarify (Eng), carbon, bakar (Malay burn)

In Mandarin wok is guo (city walls ~ (mon)golu/bungalo/anglo = enclose), dialects: kwok, wok
"The Guo family is one of the well known Hui clans around Quanzhou in Fujian, they are examples of these Hui who identify as Muslim by nationality but do not practice Islam.
Compare Khan/Cohen/Cohn/Guo/Kwok/ names of turtles in many languages
Malay, Indonesian: kurakura
Mali Bambara: koorakaara
Afrikaans, Dutch, Danish: skilpad
So. Af. Xhosa: i-sikolopati, ufudo
So. Af. Tswana: khudu
Sicilian: tartuca
Japanese: kame
Chinese: uguei (cf guo/wok)
Bulgarian: kostenurka
Hebrew: zav, tsav
Iraqi dial: ragga, kashf

Bow, bagel, bend: [C15: probably from Low German boog ; related to Dutch boeg , Danish bov ship's bow, shoulder; see bough ]


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