Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac drenched Miami


There was a tropical storm Isaac in 2006 that followed the gulf stream, but this Isaac went west of Miami into the Gulf and towards New Orleans, on the anniversary of Katrina.



Miami was hit by Hurricane Andrew directly several years ago.

Physical fitness & home electrical/hydraulic power production (good for short-term emergencies eg. blizzards when the grid is down.

--- The Limits of Pedal Power
Of course, pedal power can only make a difference if we drastically reduce energy consumption. While athletes can produce a power output of over 2,000 watts on a bicycle, they can only sustain this over a period of a few seconds. The power that can be delivered by the average person over a sustained period of time is much less impressive than that: 75 watts or 1 "hup". This unit of measurement (short for human power) was proposed in 1984, and tells us that an average person can sustain one hup for all day, 2 hups (150 watts) for roughly two hours, 3 hups (225 watts) for about 30 minutes and 4 hups (300 watts) only momentarily.

Are modern people "energy slaves" (aka petroleum "addicts")? Do we want to remain so?


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