Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ulama: learning to play life

Ulama (no-hand volleyball, Mexico) is very similar to sepak takraw (no hand volleyball, Malaysia).

...cemitta(N)=center look/itta(N)= ithua(N/lowlands)=semilla(sp)=seed.
...the Semites(Arab/Jew, common ancestor,
Abrahm), e.g., David=D/Tlauiz(N)=the Dawn(E)=
first Jewish King, began as grain merchants,
which they still are to this day.
...if you have the first 5 letters of C/Semite/
cemit(N), you look no further.
...Shabat(H)=xapotla(N)=to deflower/seduce, i.e., when Yahweh finished making Earth, he didn't rest, he had sex with his creation,
still a tradition among the faithful.
endura(Mb) (c)enter/chanter(sing around center fire (apa))
quell (German) source: mongolu(Mb), menguelu, quell
apa shabbath/sabbah/abba/saba
heel(foot) keel(boat)
totem/do odem
team mate
atimwa (team of sled dogs)
komatic (shed/sled + dog team)
kemosabe allie


carlos lascoutx said... deflower, seduce
a girl,=the root of sabbath, referring
to the 7th day after Yahweh had created
Earth he took part in his creation,
had knowledge of it. this is usually the day the husband excercises his
marital rights over his spouse.

carlos lascoutx said..., my Post on Tlatla, Tlaloc.
there is some argument as to which date
enters MesoAmerind, 3309BCE, the 1st
Advent of Quetzalcoatl, or, the 2d=
2.2k BCE, the Mayan=mayana(N)=go hungry, as the terms used in Vietnam,Thailand, and Phillipines
refer to Cipactli/Cipactonal=Seprak/
sipa(Phil)=kick, of the First Advent,
putting the Olmec authorship of the game in doubt, yet, Cuju begins in
China at 5cBCE, the time the Olmec
Colonial structure leaves Amerinda.

DDeden said...

Seems to me that kick is related to fire starting, possibly the favored neanderthal method of big toe pulling string which turns spindle/lathe between socket "shoes", then humans switched to wands due to shod feet.

Deflowering may be euphemism for putting the stick in the socket and using spit/ghee/wax to spin it freely.

chipa = chip, ki(n)dla
sipa = ship punt/foot
heel = keel
hi = ki

see the bakardade post...

DDeden said...

ulama- game rule

ulama- those who possess islam rule knowledge


xaptla- "had knowledge of it" (participated = cipa)

DDeden said...

participation = political knowledge