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Bowed/Boat Hook: Beothuk

magal(PB), magan(Heb magan david=shield of david), mongolu(Mb)...wickershields/windsails evolved from round fleshy/leathery door flaps
Portuguese navigator Fernão de Magalhães

mami/n(PB) mammary

"...marc(proto-Basque)=1.pruning hook(for dressing vines),2.tongs/pincers (for harvesting and opening chestnuts/castaños),=matxar/matxarda/matxarde (Guipuzkoa)=2,=matoxaua(N)=podar los arboles/prune trees,=maitl toxaua(N)= mat(o)xar(ua)=matoxoa(N)=rub/scratch one's hands." tletl
pruning hook: Acción de podar/prune - de los árboles/forest tree/orchard/vine.
  • Pruning-hook -> podón, márcola, corvillo
ard: originally a plowstick with sharp internal arch at bottom to scratch soil like claw, also used to scythe, with inserted slate blades. later complex ards
turkish: budamak, kesmek, kısaltmak,

Hungary fishing

gaf hook, loggers pike, gig-gag?

bow & arrow tat/dart/oar/arwe/ard
bowed - bowt boat
Beothuk word list
abdobish - cable
abemite - fish net
abideshhook - lynx (claw?)
abobidwess - eagle feather
abodoneek - hat
adadimite - fishing lure, bait (atlatlim?
addaboutik - we are red
adenishit - star
aduth - harpoon
adoltkhtek - boat
adosuk - 8
adothook - fish hook
aduse - leg
adyouth - foot
ahune - stone
aguathoonet - whetstone
amet - wake
amina - spear
annoo-ee - forest tree
anyemen - bow
appawet - seal
ahsa-bu-ut - blood
ashwameet - red ochre
ashwogin - arrow
ass-soyt - to anger
aszik-dtounouk - 20
home - baetha (H beth/beit)
basdic - smoke
bathuk - rainwater
bebadwook - flies/mosq.
berroik - cloud
bethoeote - good nioght
bidissoni - stick, sword
boad - thumb
boobishat - fire
boubashan - its hot
bouguishaman - white folk (strange spirits?)
boutonet - teeth
bouzawet - sleep
by-yeetch - birch
boyish - birchbark
bukashaman - man
camtac - speak
dabseek - 4
dabsook - 14
dattomesh - trout
egg - debine
to cut/saw - dedduweet
dee-cradou - big boat

from tletl comments:
FYI, El Salvador: Cerén (volcano ash covered)

• They found tremendous quantities of a root crop (malanga, a relative of taro) that previously had not been associated with Maya agriculture. They found another "invisible" crop of manioc alongside the more anticipated fields of maize, and they found grasses no longer in existence on the modern-day El Salvador landscape.

• They made what is thought to be the first discovery of a Maya kitchen, complete with intensively planted household garden. "We could tell what was planted around the houses," Lentz says. "This is fabulous because people have long debated how the Maya did all this. Now we have a real example."

• They found a household with more than 70 ceramic pots, many used to store beans, peppers and other plant matter. Having that many vessels in one home was an unusual discovery for what is thought to be a small, farming village. Lentz likened it to having four or five sets of China in a typical American home.

• They found large plots of neatly rowed land, evidence of ridge and furrow agriculture. Lentz also posits that the people of Cerén surrounded their homes with orchard trees. These discoveries seemingly debunk the common theory that the Maya employed a slash-and-burn agriculture method.

• They found a raised, paved pathway called a "sacbe," which was used by the Maya for ceremonial and commercial purposes.

... bowed/boat/bottle/pottery
  1. ...sacbe(M)=iztac ue(N)=white big/way.
    ...bow/flow/plow/bower/flower/poa or poua/opouh
    (N)=the flute fuego fuel fuelle fuigo(J)word,
    hmmm, not flute/pauilia(N)=limn, but fue(J).
    ...Beothuk=Peua/Potli Toca(N)=begin both/brother
    Breeding/toca(N)=sow and bury. their history included mammoth hunting, cf., their seal/whale
    hunting with detachable points, their canoes are skin with high prows, viking style.
    descendents of the Solutrean peoples, 22k BCE,
    best flint knappers in the world. fire was lit
    by knocking 2 rocks together for chitoni/spark,
    cf., kitten. Ozero/Ocelotl/oc(r)e/och(r)e means
    they go back to original Fire Drill Flame hole.
  2. ...mayana(N)=to be hungry. makes one wonder what Mayan called themselves, as this Nauatl verb is laid on after their famine. roots and house gardens are resorted to when the frail corn crop fails. too much rain brings the fungus, Cuitlacoche(N)=when the corn sleeps/couches=cochi/ococh(N)shitty/cuitlatl, which eats the grain, and drought withers seed in ground, or elotl(N)on the stalk.
  • Botocudo: extinct Brazil tribe with Polynesian mtDNA

    Baja Calif. Pericu ~ parical bowl boat?
    Brazil Botocudo ~ boat + cudo/cuon-dog/coondog/hounddog?
    1. ...boto/boat/boot(E/German for boat)/punt/pont/
      pond/puddle=potli(N)=both, brother(E). pool/foot/
  • "Beothuk ...peatha(B)=pelt(E)=petla(N). Newfoundland isolate deer tribe, the Toniit/ Tonatiuh(E). ...woin(B/reversal)=in wo/own/ua(N)=wa(Japanese)=hoop/link, wa(Chi-na)= language, uvin(Beothuk/reversal)=in uva/oua(Breton)=ua(N)=own(E). ...baetha(B)=go home"

    Beothuk = bowed (woven) hook (wic) ~ hooped pelt(belld-belt, also bark of paper birch for cone hut)

    pelt:(noun skin/verb throw (throw(grow) down roots))

    in-uva ~ en-dura?
  • Odemen(Beothuk) - red earth
    Edom (Heb Bethlhem) - red earth

    beothuk/bethlehem/peltham?(OE?)=bed-hook(roll)=hammock(Carib/Taino sling bed))=hem-hook

    note: early bed was rolled down rug/pelt in cold, but slung up in hot Brazil/Carib.

    throw/grow/spew/sipa(takraw)/split/pair roots divide/break egg into 2
  • ooish (Beo) lips
    memasuk (Beo) tongue

    memasak (Malay) cook
    memasuk (Malay) enter

    podebeek (Beo) paddle
    pugatoit (Beo) to throw
    poochowhat (Beo) bed

    woasut (Beo) woman
    wanita (Malay) woman

    shapok (Beo) candle
    shamash (Heb) oil lamp/lighter

    washgeesh (Beo) moon
    woodamashi (Beo) messenger, run away
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    carlos lascoutx said...

    (heart sac) th/toca(N)=to/our being/ca.
    ...amina=Amimitl(N)=water spear/mitl(N)
    deity of fishermen(Aztec Amerind), e.g., Minerva(Athena)=mitl/(n)e(r)ua=
    mitl eua(N)=spear leaves.
    ...betha=b/petla(N)=throw,=petlatl(N)=petate(Mex)=sleepingmat,=beth/beit(H)=bett(OHG)=bed(E)=home where bed is.
    ...camtac(Beothuk)=camatl tlaca(N)=
    body/tlaca camatl(N)=mouth.