Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Punt pole - dog/horse yoke - coracle paddle

have you seen these strange paddles anywhere else? are they inverted shepherd's staffs? I think they might derived from ancient dog-yokes.
010.jpg a Kufa Laden With Stones, and Manned by A Crew Of Four Men.
     Drawn by Faucher-Gudin, from a bas-relief at Koyunjik.
     Behind the kufa may be seen a fisherman seated astride on
     an inflated skin with his fish-basket attached to his neck.
"He split it in two as one does a fish for drying; then he hung up one of the halves on high, which became the heavens; the other half he spread out under his feet to form the earth, and made the universe such as men have since known it. As in Egypt, the world was a kind of enclosed chamber balanced on the bosom of the eternal waters.* The earth, which forms the lower part of it, or floor, is something like an overturned boat in appearance, and hollow underneath, not like one of the narrow skiffs in use among other races, but a kufa, or kind of semicircular boat such as the tribes of the Lower Euphrates have made use of from earliest antiquity down to our own times."
Assyrian coracle carrying a chariot
compare to Tibetan horse lassos at other post:
Tibetan high plains: Khampa-Tsaaten horsemen use poles with ropes/loops to yoke/lasso horses...
perhaps from earlier dog/horse/deer hooked (crook/collar/corral/kraal) punt pole to pull bowlboat in deep water... khampa ~ xyambua-tlaya ~ champa
similar to tigris coracle paddles
Khampa horseman in Kham region near Tibet

Tsaatan horsemen looping/yoking a horse


carlos lascoutx said...

...a kufa/copina(N)=copa(sp)has no
way, not shaped like a dart or arrow.
the paddles/crooks=cozcatl(N)=crosses
between rudders and anchors, able to grab at roots branches in the sluggish but strong currents of the
tlilli(N) Nile nilly willy, more related to auto brakes and calipers than to wicky oars.

DDeden said...

I think you mean, coracles being circular, not long, so paddles need a hook/cross for grasping/grabbing/grappling/gaf hook. Makes sense.

Tan Morgan said...

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