Monday, January 21, 2008

Pilgrimage: Journey of mankind

forest: foli-frugivory/qpal walk/vert. pluck/call
mangrove: coast food/upright forage-walk-wade-float/stick
seashore: bait-trap/beach-cave/diving/thrust spear/words
rivers: dugouts/travel/woodcraft/hut/throwing spear/fire
plains: herding/STPost barter/horse/fibercraft/atlatl
fields: farming/town trade/carriage/shipping/owners
city: factories/machine/mass tele-comm-travel-edu

omnivory plucking, poking stick for hidden food crab-termite-tuber
thrusting spear & stone hammer/knife to open seafood, cutting
bait-trap bivalves/biface/blade in fish against predators/pests
seasonal migrations coasts, rivers, fruit/nut/flint/hunt rift
seasonal herd/harvest nets->sacks carry flint, fruit, nuts home
accidental gardening garbage/feces attracts pests, bury it, seed

dugouts, trade foods/goods:
coast foods/salt, sun-drying/smoking: basketry, fish net
forest fruit, herbs, vegetables: tump-line sack, head-carry
mountain flint, gems, ochre, grinding: knap-sack, ruck-sack
floodplain grain, grassland grazers, herding: cloth, leather
ports/trading posts: concentration of goods/people, town/city

Pilgrims: Rift-coastal migrations from South Africa to China to the New World

My interpretation: first there was the clam/oyster on the shores of the
Tethys mangrove coasts, picked up and eaten by a hominoid, that then
dropped the shell below the mangrove branch which was immediately
swallowed by a croc that then died from indigestion (or so).

Xmillion years of this accidental littering/shittering produced a
hominid that intentionally sets clams filled with fishguts/rotten
crab/fresh meat out to be consumed by shore pests like cats and
baboons and crocs around the papyrus marshes while seeking eggs.

Another Xmillion years, Homo is in the Rift valley without oysters but
lots of sharp rocks to make fake shells to set traps, so as to
dominate the herding migrating masses on their way from south Africa
to China along the Peri-Tethys shores (Mediterranean/Black/Caspian/Bolkash).

Another Xmillion years the Homo Proto-San are herding the sheep,
goats, horses, elephants, cattle along the same Peri-tethyan path when
nature lets loose with a monsoonally induced rainy glacial
melted massive flooding that swamps the entire Eurasian basin, leaving
only isolated populations in highlands separated culturally and
linguistically with confused mythic memories of terrible loss/fear of
the hordes of barbarians (herds of berber/barber/baabaa) and the
heroic shepherds "san|tek|elfs and the reindeer" (Saami, Evenki) that
saved the starving isolated upland settlements that had become so
dependent on trade due to specialized crafts.

No metaphysics, no supernatural abracadabra, just megafauna migrations
and natural interpretations from cultural myths derived from pre-literate
disasters. Ice Age mathematics-phonetics-genetics.


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