Monday, March 19, 2012

cone huts & qubba/ka'ba/cabal/tabernacle
Floating reed cone huts of Lake Titicaca, Peru

also see Kanak great house (cone hut of poles) of New Britain/Papua and chum/yaranga/goati/kota of northern Eurasia.

qufa iraqi roundboat

quba arab round tent
James Luther Mays, Joseph Blenkinsopp, Society of Biblical Literature - 2000 - 1203 pages

"The qubba of pre- lslamic Arabian tribes was a small, dome -shaped tent constructed of reddened leather stretched over a frame of desert acacia." According to de Vaux, the pre-Islamic Arabs had maintained a tent-shrine called a qubba: a red leather tent housing the tribe's stone idols...
The Mosaic "Tent of Meeting" was so translated in the Arabic Bible, and indeed we find the term qubba in biblical Hebrew twice.. (tabernacle from quba? cf qa'aba, qabala/cabala).. Arab qubba in Scripture, as a Midianite tent.. The term qubba, originally a tent, means both the dome of a building and a building with a dome (B038.2). Kisrk mu'allaqatan fiha ayyama 
Theological dictionary of the Old Testament - Google Books Result G. Johannes Botterweck, Helmer Ringgren - 1974 - 560 pages  To a certain extent, the same thing is also true of the qubba, a holy tent tied on the back of a camel, which seeks new pastures, gives oracles

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