Monday, March 19, 2012


dome ~ (endom from Mbuti endu, inside) from constructed dwelling of duom palm fronds/ribs/timber in North of Yemen (So. of Arabia dome not used, ngolu/gufa/goati/qu-b-p-f-d-a used) became dama/demo/domo/comb, kom (Old Dutch, comb/bowl), tomb/tumuli (from Gk. tymbos "burial mound, grave, tomb," from PIE root *teu- "to swell" (see thigh). The final -b began to be silent 14c. (cf. lamb, dumb).), catacomb (among tombs) Lith. tukti "to become fat;" Gk. tylos "callus, lump," tymbos "burial mound, grave, tomb;" O.Ir. ton "rump;" L. tumere "to swell," tumulus "raised heap of earth," tumor "a swelling;" M.Ir. tomm "a small hill," Welsh tom "mound".

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